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Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil 75ml

Daler-Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil is a specialized medium designed for use with Georgian Water Mixable Oil Colors. As part of the Georgian Water Mixable Oil Mediums range, this product offers an alternative to traditional oil mediums, allowing artists to thin, mix, and clean up their water mixable oil paints using water instead of conventional solvents.

The main features and uses of Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil are as follows:

  1. Consistency and Flow: When added to water mixable oil colors, this medium reduces the viscosity or thickness of the paint, making it more fluid and enhancing its flow. This can be beneficial for various painting techniques, as it allows the paint to glide more smoothly on the canvas.
  2. Slow Drying and Elastic Film: Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil has a slower drying time compared to other oil mediums, which can be advantageous for artists who prefer to work with their paintings for an extended period. When it dries, it forms a tough and elastic film, offering protection and durability to the artwork.
  3. Faster Drying than Linseed Oil: Although Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil dries slowly compared to other water mixable oil mediums, it still dries faster than pure linseed oil. This characteristic allows artists to build layers and continue working on their painting without excessive waiting time.
  4. Reduces Brush Marks: The use of this medium can help minimize visible brush marks in the paint film, creating a smoother and more uniform appearance in the artwork.


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To use Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil, artists can mix it directly with their water mixable oil colors on their palette to achieve the desired consistency and flow. As with any art medium, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the proper use and ratios of the medium to achieve the desired results.

By incorporating Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil into their painting process, artists can take advantage of its slow drying properties, improved flow, and reduced brush marks, enabling them to create artworks with enhanced control and appealing visual effects.