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Daler Rowney Graduate Brush Set Bristle LH 4pcs

For oil painting, the best brushes are typically made with natural bristles, such as hog or bristle hair brushes. These brushes are stiff and resilient, allowing for more control and manipulation of thick oil paint. They can hold a good amount of paint and are durable enough to withstand the harsh solvents used in oil painting. The Graduate brush range offers natural bristle brushes suitable for oil painting.

For acrylic painting, synthetic brushes are generally recommended. Synthetic brushes are made with nylon or polyester bristles, which are more resistant to the corrosive properties of acrylic paint and are easier to clean. Synthetic brushes also tend to have softer bristles, making them suitable for creating smoother brushstrokes. The synthetic blends in the Graduate brush range are excellent for acrylic painting.

Watercolor painting requires brushes with soft and absorbent bristles that can hold a large amount of water and paint. Sable and squirrel hair brushes are popular choices for watercolor because they have fine, delicate tips that allow for precise control and smooth washes. The Graduate brush range offers specific blends of natural and synthetic hairs suitable for watercolor painting.


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In summary, the ideal brushes for each medium are:

  • Oil painting: Natural bristle brushes (hog or bristle hair)
  • Acrylic painting: Synthetic brushes (nylon or polyester)
  • Watercolor painting: Blends of natural and synthetic hairs (sable or squirrel hair)

The Graduate brush range provides a variety of brush options, including the recommended brush types for each medium, making it suitable for students and hobby painters looking for brushes that cater to different techniques and applications.