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Das Air Drying Clay White

Das Air Drying Clay is a popular and versatile modeling clay that does not require baking in an oven. It air-dries to a hard finish, allowing artists and crafters to create various sculptures, models, and decorative items. Here are the key features of Das Air Drying Clay:

Air Drying: Das Clay hardens and sets simply by being left to air-dry at room temperature, eliminating the need for baking in an oven like traditional polymer clays.

Drying Time: The drying time of Das Clay is relatively fast, taking approximately 24 hours per centimeter of thickness. Thinner pieces will dry faster than thicker ones.

Easy to Work with: The clay has a fine and even texture, making it easy to work with and mold into various shapes and forms. It is pliable and can be smoothed easily.

Compatibility: Das Clay can adhere to surfaces like wood, cardboard, and terracotta, allowing artists to combine it with other materials in their projects.

Decorating Options: Once the clay has dried and hardened, it can be painted with poster paint, acrylic paint, or other suitable mediums to add color and decorations to the finished objects. Varnish can also be used for added protection and a glossy finish.

Solid and Strong: Once fully dried, Das Clay objects become solid and sturdy, ensuring that the creations can withstand handling and display without crumbling or breaking.

Suitable for Various Projects: Das Air Drying Clay is versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, from sculptures and figurines to decorative items and crafts.

No Firing or Baking Required: The biggest advantage of Das Clay is that it does not require any heating or firing, making it convenient for artists who do not have access to a kiln or prefer a simpler and safer crafting process.


Das Air Drying Clay is a great option for both beginners and experienced artists, providing a user-friendly and convenient medium for various artistic and crafting endeavors. Its quick drying time, ease of use, and compatibility with different surfaces and decorations make it a popular choice in the world of modeling clays.