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Das Modelling Clay 57g Ocean Blue

Das Smart Modelling Clay is a user-friendly and versatile oven-hardening clay designed for various crafting projects. Here are the key features of Das Smart Modelling Clay:

PVC-Based Clay: Das Smart is made from PVC, which gives it a smooth and easy-to-manipulate texture, making it suitable for a wide range of modeling and crafting projects.

No Hand Staining: One of the advantages of Das Smart is that it does not stain your hands during use, keeping the crafting process clean and mess-free.

Oven-Hardening: The clay hardens and sets by baking it in an oven. It is recommended to bake the clay at 130°C (approximately 266°F) for up to 30 minutes to achieve a durable and permanent finish.

Rebaking: Das Smart allows rebaking, which means that you can add new details or make modifications to your creations even after they have been initially baked. This feature provides artists with flexibility and the ability to refine their designs.

Ideal for Murrine and Jewels: The clay is well-suited for creating murrine, a traditional glassworking technique that involves creating intricate patterns within glass. Additionally, it is suitable for making jewelry and small artifacts.

Innovative Packaging: The 57g block of Das Smart comes in an innovative packaging design, consisting of 2 single-sealed packs. This packaging helps with convenience and better preservation, as it allows you to use the clay in smaller quantities without exposing the rest to air.


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Das Smart Modelling Clay is a great option for artists and crafters who want a reliable and easy-to-use clay for various projects. Its oven-hardening properties make it a durable and long-lasting medium, while the non-staining feature and innovative packaging add to the overall user experience. Whether you’re creating murrine, jewelry, or other small artifacts, Das Smart offers a convenient and efficient solution for your crafting needs.