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Das Wooden Cutters 2pcs

The DAS Wooden Cutters are essential tools for shaping and working with DAS Air-Drying Clay. Here are the key features of these wooden cutters:

Ideal for Shaping DAS Air-Drying Clay: These wooden cutters are specifically designed for use with DAS Air-Drying Clay. They are perfect for shaping the clay and achieving smooth, clean edges on your projects.

Carving and Adding Holes and Details: The wooden cutters are versatile and can be used for various tasks, including carving intricate details into the clay and adding holes for different design elements.

Useful for Spreading, Digging, and Cutting: The wooden cutters can be utilized for spreading the clay to achieve even thickness, digging into the clay to create textures or patterns, and cutting the clay into specific shapes or sizes.

Two-Piece Set: This package includes two wooden cutters, giving you multiple options for your clay modeling projects. With two different tools, you can have more flexibility and precision in your clay work.

Measuring 200mm: Each wooden cutter measures 200mm in length, providing a comfortable size to hold and work with while shaping the clay.


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Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner in clay modeling, the DAS Wooden Cutters are valuable tools that offer versatility and ease of use when working with DAS Air-Drying Clay. They allow you to create intricate and detailed designs, making them an essential addition to your clay modeling toolkit.