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Derwent Academy Watercolour Set 12 x 12ml

Experience the vibrant beauty of Derwent Academy Watercolours, carefully crafted from rich pigments and an easy-to-use formulation. These watercolours allow you to create stunning, transparent washes of color that bring your artwork to life.

You have the flexibility to use the watercolours straight from the tube, providing bold and intense hues, or dilute them with water to achieve a range of captivating watercolour effects. Whether you prefer vivid and bold colors or delicate and subtle washes, these watercolours offer versatility to suit your artistic vision.

To begin, place your selected watercolours onto your palette, ready for your creative exploration. Alternatively, you can apply the watercolours directly to your chosen surface. It’s important to clean your equipment before the paint dries to maintain their optimal performance. Additionally, always remember to securely cap your watercolour tubes when not in use to preserve the quality of the paints.


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The set includes 12 tubes of watercolours, each containing 12ml of vibrant pigment. This comprehensive selection provides you with a range of colors to unleash your creativity.

Unlock the potential of Derwent Academy Watercolours and immerse yourself in the captivating world of transparent washes. Explore the possibilities of creating stunning watercolour effects, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. Let the rich pigments and user-friendly formulation guide you in expressing your artistic vision with vibrant color and delicate transparency.