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Eraser Stick with Brush

The Eraser Stick with Brush is a specialized erasing tool designed for precise erasing and cleaning up eraser waste. It is ideal for erasing ink, India ink, and ballpoint pen marks, particularly in areas where accuracy and fine detail are essential.

Key features of the Eraser Stick with Brush include:

  1. White, Hard Eraser: The eraser is white and made of a hard material, which makes it effective for removing various types of ink marks, including those made with India ink and ballpoint pens.
  2. Precise Erasing: The Eraser Stick allows for precise erasing, making it suitable for artists, illustrators, and anyone who requires detailed corrections.
  3. Brush for Cleaning: The eraser stick comes with an integrated brush that is specifically designed to clean up eraser residue and waste. This feature helps keep the working area clean and tidy during erasing.
  4. PVC-Free: The Eraser Stick is made from PVC-free materials, making it environmentally friendly and safe to use.

The Eraser Stick with Brush is a handy tool for any artist, designer, or individual working with ink-based media. Its precise erasing capabilities allow for fine adjustments and corrections, while the brush ensures a neat and clean workspace. The hard eraser composition makes it efficient at removing ink marks, leaving a clean surface behind. As with any eraser or art tool, it’s advisable to test it on a small area first to ensure it meets your needs and performs as expected.


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