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Eve Bristle Supreme Filbert Brush

he Eve Bristle Supreme Filbert Brush is a high-quality artist’s brush designed for oil painting. Here are the key features of this brush:

  1. Bristle Hair: The brush is made with bristle hair, which is a type of natural hair commonly used in oil painting brushes. Bristle hair is known for its stiffness and ability to hold and distribute oil paints effectively.
  2. Filbert Shape: The brush has a filbert shape. Filbert brushes have an oval or rounded tip with a flat ferrule, resembling a flattened oval. This unique shape combines the characteristics of both flat and round brushes, allowing artists to create a variety of strokes and achieve different effects.
  3. Long Handle: The brush is equipped with a long handle. Long handles are well-suited for oil painting, as they provide artists with better control and reach, enabling them to work comfortably at a distance from the canvas.
  4. Artist Quality: The Eve Bristle Supreme Filbert Brush is classified as “artist quality,” indicating that it meets high standards in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Artist-quality brushes are generally more durable and maintain their shape better than student-grade brushes.


The filbert shape is particularly useful for blending, softening edges, and creating smooth, flowing strokes, making it a versatile choice for various oil painting techniques. With its long handle and bristle hair, this brush offers artists the means to achieve expressive and detailed oil paintings with ease. Like any fine artist’s brush, proper care and cleaning will help prolong its life and ensure optimal performance for future artworks.