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Eve Bristle Supreme Flat Brush

The Eve Bristle Supreme Flat Brush is a high-quality brush specifically designed for oil painting. Here are the key features of this brush:

  1. Bristle Hair: The brush is made with bristle hair, which is a type of natural hair commonly used in oil painting brushes. Bristle hair is known for its stiffness and resilience, making it suitable for handling oil paints and providing excellent control.
  2. Flat Shape: The brush has a flat shape, which means the bristles are arranged in a rectangular or square shape. Flat brushes are versatile and can be used for various techniques, including broad strokes, filling in large areas, and creating sharp edges.
  3. Long Handle: The brush features a long handle. Long-handled brushes are typically used for oil painting because they allow artists to work at a distance from the canvas, providing better control and precision in brushwork.
  4. Artist Quality: Being labeled as “artist quality” means that the brush meets high standards in terms of materials, construction, and performance. Artist-quality brushes are often more durable and maintain their shape better than student-grade brushes.


Overall, the Eve Bristle Supreme Flat Brush is a reliable tool for oil painters who seek a brush that offers excellent control, durability, and versatility. Its long handle and flat shape make it a suitable choice for a wide range of oil painting techniques and applications. As with any high-quality artist’s brush, proper care and cleaning will help ensure its longevity and optimal performance.