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Eve Bristle Supreme Round Brush

The Eve Bristle Supreme Round Brush is a high-quality artist’s brush designed for oil painting, featuring a long handle. Here are the key features of this brush:

  1. Bristle Hair: The brush is made with bristle hair, a natural hair commonly used in oil painting brushes. Bristle hair’s stiffness and durability make it suitable for handling oil paints and providing excellent control.
  2. Round Shape: The brush has a round shape, with the bristles forming a pointed tip at the end. Round brushes are versatile and adaptable, capable of creating various types of strokes, from fine lines to broader strokes, making them ideal for a range of techniques.
  3. Long Handle: The brush comes with a long handle, which is a characteristic feature of brushes designed for oil painting. The long handle provides artists with better reach and control, allowing them to work comfortably at a distance from the canvas.
  4. Artist Quality: Being labeled as “artist quality” indicates that the brush meets high standards in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Artist-quality brushes are generally more resilient and maintain their shape better than student-grade brushes.


The round shape of this brush makes it particularly versatile for oil painting techniques, such as laying down washes, filling in large areas, and creating fine lines. Its ability to handle various strokes and adapt to different painting styles makes it a valuable tool for artists working on detailed and expressive oil paintings.

As with any high-quality artist’s brush, proper care and cleaning are essential to maintain its performance and longevity for numerous artworks. The Eve Bristle Supreme Round Brush is an excellent choice for oil painters seeking a reliable and adaptable tool for their artistic endeavors.