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Faber-Castell Black Edition Colour Pencils – 36 colours

The Faber-Castell Black Edition colored pencils offer a set of features that make them an appealing choice for artists. Here’s a breakdown of the key characteristics you mentioned:

  1. SuperSoft Lead: The colored pencils are equipped with a SuperSoft lead, which implies that the lead is exceptionally soft and smooth. This characteristic facilitates a smooth and vibrant color application on the drawing surface.
  2. Wonderfully Soft and Vibrant Color Laydown: The softness of the lead results in a smooth and vibrant color laydown. This means that the colors are applied smoothly and with rich intensity, contributing to the overall quality and visual impact of the artwork.
  3. High Pigmentation: The pencils contain highly pigmented lead, ensuring that the colors are bold and vivid. This pigmentation is particularly advantageous when working on different types of paper, including light, colored, and dark paper.
  4. Suitable for Various Paper Types: The pencils’ high pigmentation makes them versatile, allowing artists to use them effectively on light, colored, and even dark paper. This adaptability expands the range of creative possibilities and techniques.
  5. Ergonomic Triangular Shape: The pencils are designed with an ergonomic triangular shape. This shape not only ensures a comfortable grip for artists but also encourages the correct grip position when drawing or painting. This can enhance control and precision in your work.
  6. Optimum Comfort: Along with the ergonomic shape, the design of the pencils is intended to provide optimum comfort during drawing and painting sessions. Comfortable tools can contribute to longer periods of creative work without fatigue.

In summary, the Faber-Castell Black Edition colored pencils offer artists a combination of features that prioritize both the quality of color application and the comfort of use. The soft and vibrant color laydown, high pigmentation, and adaptability to different paper types are key benefits for artists seeking versatile and expressive tools. The ergonomic triangular shape adds to the pencils’ user-friendliness, making them suitable for various drawing and painting techniques.


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