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Faber-Castell Box Canvas Deep Edge

The Faber-Castell Box Canvas Deep Edge is a high-quality canvas designed for artists working with various art media. Here are the key features and product details of this canvas:

  1. 100% Cotton Box Canvas: The canvas is made from 100% cotton, providing a smooth and durable surface for painting.
  2. Acid-Free with Waterproof Coating: The canvas is acid-free, ensuring that it won’t deteriorate or yellow over time. Additionally, it has a unique waterproof coating, which helps protect the canvas from moisture and potential damage.
  3. Hand-Made Frames: The frames for the canvas are hand-made from re-manufactured wood, ensuring sturdiness and preventing warping or cracking over time.
  4. Individually Stretched by Hand: Each canvas is individually stretched by hand, ensuring a tight and even surface for painting.
  5. Folded Corners: The canvas corners are folded, giving a neat and seamless appearance.
  6. Mitred Corners with Corner Blocks: The corners of the canvas are mitred and secured with corner blocks, providing extra strength and stability to the frame.
  7. Beveled Inner Edges: The inner edges of the frame are beveled, ensuring that the canvas surface does not touch the frame. This prevents any potential damage to the artwork and allows for a clean finish.
  8. Multimedia Friendly: The canvas is suitable for use with various art media, making it versatile for artists who work with different techniques and materials.
  9. Can be Used with or without a Base Coat Primer: The canvas can be used directly for painting or with a base coat primer, depending on the artist’s preference and the desired effect for their artwork.


In summary, the Faber-Castell Box Canvas Deep Edge is a premium-quality canvas made from 100% cotton. Its acid-free and waterproof coating ensures longevity, and the hand-made frames guarantee sturdiness and durability. The canvas is versatile and multimedia friendly, accommodating various art techniques and materials. It offers artists the flexibility to work directly on the surface or with a base coat primer, depending on their artistic needs. With its attention to detail and quality construction, this canvas is an excellent choice for artists looking to create professional and long-lasting artworks.