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Faber-Castell Gelatos Water Soluble Crayon 15pcs – Iridescents

The Faber-Castell Gelatos Water Soluble Crayon set contains 15 luscious gelato crayons that offer a wide range of vibrant colors. These crayons are water-soluble and provide a creamy texture for smooth application. They can be easily blended with or without water, offering versatility in artistic techniques. Here are some key features of the product:

Color Categories: The set is designed to keep your favorite color categories together, making it easy to identify and use specific colors for your projects.

Clear Storage Case: The crayons are housed in a clear storage case, which not only keeps them organized but also allows for easy transportation.

Creamy and Vibrant Colors: The gelatos glide on smoothly, providing a creamy and vibrant color application on various surfaces.

Water-Soluble: These crayons are water-soluble, meaning they can be blended and manipulated with water, allowing for various watercolor and mixed media techniques.

Acid-Free and Odorless: The gelatos are acid-free, ensuring that they are safe for use in archival and long-lasting projects. They are also odorless, making them pleasant to work with.

Versatile Surfaces: Gelatos can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including paper, fabric, canvas, and wood, expanding their applications to different artistic projects.

Limitless Creativity: The gelatos offer limitless possibilities for creativity, whether used for painting, stamping, or as a spray medium.

Ideal for Stamps: These crayons work exceptionally well with stamps, allowing for unique and artistic stamping techniques.


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In summary, the Faber-Castell Gelatos Water Soluble Crayon set is a versatile and vibrant collection of water-soluble crayons suitable for various art projects. With their creamy texture, blendability, and ability to work on different surfaces, these gelatos open up endless creative possibilities for artists and crafters.