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Faber-Castell Pastels 36pcs

The Faber-Castell Pastels set consists of 36 oil-based pastel crayons that offer a wide range of colors and artistic possibilities. Here are the key features of these pastel crayons:

  1. Oil-Based: These pastel crayons are oil-based, which allows for intense and vibrant colors. They offer the flexibility to create both strong, bold colors and delicate, soft pastel tones.
  2. High Luminosity: The crayons have high luminosity, making them ideal for encaustic techniques, where the colors can remain bright and vivid.
  3. Versatile Techniques: The pastel crayons can be used in various pastel and scraping techniques, giving artists the freedom to experiment and create different effects.
  4. Blending Options: To achieve different artistic effects, you can blend the pastel crayons using your finger or a paintbrush and turpentine (or white spirit). Blending helps in achieving smooth transitions and gradients between colors.

The Faber-Castell Pastels set of 36 crayons offers a comprehensive selection of colors that will appeal to both professional artists and hobbyists. These oil-based pastel crayons allow artists to explore and experiment with a variety of techniques, providing endless creative possibilities in their artworks. Whether you are into encaustic, pastel, or scraping techniques, these pastel crayons will be a valuable addition to your artistic toolkit.


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