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Faber-Castell Pitt Graphite Matt Pencil 10B

The Pitt Graphite Matt pencil in is a unique and high-quality artistic tool that offers several distinctive features. Here are the details about this particular pencil:

Pitt Graphite Matt Pencil :

  1. World First: This particular pencil is described as a “world first,” suggesting that it introduces innovative characteristics that set it apart from other graphite pencils.
  2. Supreme Artist Quality: The pencil is of extremely high quality, catering to the needs of professional artists who seek top-notch tools for their work.
  3. Ultra-Matt Graphite Laydown: The pencil is designed to provide an ultra-matt graphite laydown on paper, which minimizes reflections. This characteristic enhances the visual impact of your drawings by reducing unwanted glare.
  4. Tonal Value Density: The pencil is known for achieving the highest tonal value density, allowing you to create drawings with a maximum depth effect. This means you can achieve a wide range of shading and tonal variations.
  5. Smooth Application: The pencil offers a smooth graphite application, making it easier to create detailed work without rough or uneven lines.
  6. Ideal for Various Uses: The pencil is versatile and suitable for various purposes, including writing, drawing, and sketching. This versatility makes it a tool that can be used for different artistic and creative projects.
  7. Especially Suitable for Monochrome Graphite Work: The pencil is particularly well-suited for monochrome graphite work, meaning it’s great for creating grayscale drawings and achieving intricate details.
  8. Extra Break-Resistant: This pencil boasts extra break resistance, which means it’s designed to withstand pressure and minimize the chances of the lead breaking while in use.
  9. Carbon-Neutral Production: The production process for this pencil is carbon-neutral, which indicates a commitment to minimizing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing.
  10. Sustainable Forestry: The pencil is made from wood sourced from certified sustainable forestry, promoting responsible and eco-friendly material sourcing.
  11. Environmentally-Friendly Varnish: The pencil is coated with an environmentally-friendly water-based varnish, which aligns with efforts to use sustainable and environmentally-conscious materials.

In summary, the Pitt Graphite Matt pencil¬† is a highly specialized tool designed for artists who value the unique characteristics it offers, from its ultra-matt graphite laydown and tonal depth effects to its extra break resistance and environmentally-friendly production methods. Its versatility for writing, drawing, and sketching, as well as its suitability for monochrome graphite work, makes it a valuable addition to an artist’s toolkit.


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