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Fabriano Artistico EW Block Cold Pressed 9×12″ 20 sheets 300g

The Fabriano Artistico EW (Extra White) Block Cold Pressed is a high-quality watercolor paper block designed for artists seeking enhanced quality and performance. Here are the key features and specifications of this watercolor block:

  1. Sheet Count and Paper Weight: The block contains 20 sheets of watercolor paper. Each sheet has a weight of 300 grams per square meter (gsm), indicating a heavyweight paper suitable for handling watercolor techniques without buckling or warping.
  2. Composition and Production Process: Fabriano Artistico is made with 100% cotton fibers and produced using a mould-made process. The use of cotton fibers provides the paper with strength, durability, and a favorable surface texture for watercolor applications.
  3. Enhanced Quality: The latest version of Fabriano Artistico now offers improved quality and presentation, further establishing its reputation as a premium watercolor paper.
  4. Improved Surface Sizing and Strength: The paper now comes with improved surface sizing, which enhances its ability to handle wet media such as watercolor paint. The surface also has increased strength, allowing it to resist erasing, scrubbing, and lifting techniques without tearing or deteriorating.
  5. Deckled Edges: The paper sheets in the block have four deckled edges, providing an attractive and artistic finish to the artworks created on this paper.
  6. Fixed Point Watermark: The watercolor block features a fixed point watermark, indicating its authenticity and the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality art paper.


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