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Fabriano Gentile 50x70cm 160gsm

Fabriano Gentile is a type of paper produced by Fabriano. Here are the key features and characteristics of this paper:

  1. Surface: Fabriano Gentile is produced with a felt-marked surface. The felt marking creates a textured surface with a pattern resembling the texture of felt fabric. This texture provides some tooth to the paper, making it suitable for various drawing and mixed media techniques.
  2. Composition: The paper is made with a blend of 25% cotton and high-quality cellulose fibers. The addition of cotton gives the paper some added strength and durability, while cellulose provides a smooth surface for better ink and pencil performance.
  3. Acid-Free: Fabriano Gentile is acid-free, ensuring that it remains pH neutral and does not degrade over time. The acid-free characteristic guarantees the paper’s longevity and prevents yellowing or deterioration of the artwork created on it.
  4. Versatility: This paper is designed for mixed media applications, meaning it is suitable for use with various art media such as pencils, charcoal, ink, markers, watercolor, and more. The combination of the felt-marked surface and the acid-free composition makes it ideal for experimenting with different artistic techniques.

Fabriano Gentile’s combination of felt-marked texture, cotton and cellulose composition, and acid-free nature makes it a reliable choice for artists seeking a versatile and durable paper for their mixed media projects. Its textured surface enhances the visual appeal of drawings, while the acid-free feature ensures the artwork will stand the test of time without deteriorating.


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