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Fredrix Canvas Panel 24×30″

FREDRIX CANVAS PANELS offer versatility across a range of mediums, including oils, acrylics, water-soluble oils, paint markers, permanent markers, spray paints, and alkyds. These panels are an excellent choice, particularly for students, providing a reliable surface for their artistic endeavors.

The surface texture of the canvas panels offers a distinct paint-gripping “tooth” while minimizing paint absorption. This characteristic ensures that the paint adheres well to the surface, allowing for greater control and precision in your artwork.

The ARTIST SERIES panels are double-primed with an acid-free acrylic titanium gesso in Atlanta, Georgia. This priming enhances the surface’s ability to hold paint and ensures long-lasting results. The sides of the panels are turned under and glued to prevent fraying and separation, providing a clean and professional finish.


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Whether you’re a student or an experienced artist, FREDRIX CANVAS PANELS are a reliable choice for your artistic creations. Enjoy the paint-gripping texture, the durable construction, and the convenience of these panels as you bring your artistic visions to life.