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Fredrix W/C Canvas Pad 18×24″

FREDRIX Acrylic Primed Canvas Pads offer versatility across a range of mediums, including oils, acrylics, water-soluble oils, paint markers, permanent markers, spray paints, and alkyds. They are a convenient and affordable option, particularly suitable for studies, classes, and workshops.

Each pad contains 10 sheets, providing ample canvas for your artistic endeavors. The portable nature of these canvas pads makes them ideal for travel, workshops, and plein air painting, allowing you to create art wherever inspiration strikes.

These archival quality canvas sheets are double-primed with an acid-free acrylic titanium gesso. The priming process ensures the surface is ready for paint application and promotes longevity. The canvas sheets are suitable for stretching over stretcher bars, mounting for display, or matting and framing under glass, offering versatility in presentation options.

Whether you’re a student, a workshop participant, or an artist on the go, FREDRIX Acrylic Primed Canvas Pads offer a convenient and reliable surface for your artistic expression. Enjoy the archival quality, the double-primed surface, and the portability of these canvas pads as you create your artwork.


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