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Fredrix W/Colour Canvas 9×12″

FREDRIX WATERCOLOR Canvas is a versatile option suitable for various water-based mediums, including watercolors, watercolor sticks, acrylics, inks, paint markers, permanent markers, and spray paints. It offers a unique combination of a natural, woven fabric texture and a specially formulated gesso designed for water-based paints.

Made from 100% Cotton artist canvas, this canvas provides the texture of a woven fabric surface, allowing for enhanced watercolor effects and brush control. Unlike paper, it offers durability and resilience, preventing tearing or damage to the canvas surface when lifting out pigment or washing out your painting.

To ensure professional results, FREDRIX double-primed the watercolor canvas with an acid-free absorbent grounds-based titanium gesso. This priming promotes paint adhesion and absorption, allowing for optimal watercolor painting experiences.

Each canvas is stretched on kiln-dried stretcher bars for stability and durability. Larger sizes are reinforced with extra bracing to provide additional support, ensuring that the canvas remains taut and prevents sagging.


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Whether you’re a watercolor artist, mixed media enthusiast, or looking to explore various water-based mediums, FREDRIX WATERCOLOR Canvas offers a reliable and versatile surface. Enjoy the natural texture, the absorbent grounds-based priming, and the stability provided by the stretcher bars as you create your water-based artworks.