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FW Ink 29.5ml Shimmering Red

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink is a high-quality acrylic ink known for its intense colors and versatility. Here are some key features and uses of this acrylic ink:

  1. Intensely Colored: Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink is made from premium pigments, resulting in rich and bold colors. The ink’s intensity allows artists to use it straight from the dropper for vibrant and concentrated color effects.
  2. Water-Based and Interchangeable: This acrylic ink is water-based, making it easily mixable with water for creating dreamy washes and subtle gradients. Artists can dilute the ink to achieve different levels of transparency, making it suitable for various painting techniques.
  3. High Lightfastness: Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink offers excellent lightfastness, meaning the colors are resistant to fading when exposed to light. This ensures that artworks created with this ink will retain their vibrancy and quality over time, making them last for a lifetime.
  4. Versatile Application: The ink’s fluidity and permanence make it suitable for a wide range of artistic applications. It can be used as airbrush ink, dip pen ink, or in technical pens for precise lines and details. Additionally, artists can use it for painting miniature figurines or dilute it to create watercolor-like effects.

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink is favored by artists for its consistent quality, intense colors, and adaptability to various painting techniques. Whether you are an illustrator, calligrapher, miniature painter, or mixed-media artist, this acrylic ink provides a reliable and versatile medium to bring your creative visions to life. Its high lightfastness ensures that your artwork will stand the test of time, preserving the beauty and brilliance of your colors for years to come.


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