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Gamblin Neo Megilp 125ml

Gamblin Neo Megilp is a soft gel medium designed to enhance oil painting techniques. Here are the key features and details of this product:

  1. Contemporary Version of Maroger: Neo Megilp is a modern alternative to the traditional Maroger medium, providing similar effects with updated characteristics.
  2. Maintains Body of Oil Colors: When mixed with oil colors, Neo Megilp maintains their natural body and consistency, preserving the texture and thickness of the paint.
  3. Increases Transparency and Flow: Neo Megilp enhances the transparency and flow of oil colors, allowing for easier blending and glazing techniques.
  4. Smooth and Silky Feel: When applied, Neo Megilp imparts a smooth and silky feel to the paint, enhancing the overall surface quality of the artwork.
  5. Moderate Drying Rate: Neo Megilp dries at a moderate rate, giving artists ample working time to manipulate the paint and create desired effects.
  6. Satin Gloss: Neo Megilp imparts a satin gloss to the oil colors, adding a subtle sheen that enhances the appearance of the finished painting.


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Instructions for Use:

  • Begin by preparing your palette and oil colors as usual.
  • Add a small amount of Neo Megilp to your oil color, mixing thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency and transparency.
  • Apply the Neo Megilp-enhanced paint to your canvas, using the brush strokes and techniques of your choice.
  • Allow the paint to dry at the moderate rate provided by Neo Megilp, giving you enough time to adjust and refine your artwork.

Please note that different proportions of Neo Megilp may affect the drying time and gloss level of the paint. Experimentation with varying amounts can help you achieve your desired effects.

Gamblin Neo Megilp 125ml is a valuable tool for oil painters, offering enhanced transparency, flow, and surface quality. Its contemporary formulation provides artists with a modern alternative to traditional Maroger medium, allowing for greater control and flexibility in oil painting techniques. The satin gloss it imparts adds a sophisticated touch to the final artwork.