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Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Medium 37ml

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Oil Painting Medium is a versatile and non-toxic medium designed to enhance oil painting techniques. Here are the key features and details of this product:

  1. Increases Flow and Transparency: The medium is formulated to increase the flow of oil paint and its transparency, making it easier to work with and enhancing the luminosity of the colors.
  2. Fast Drying Time: Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Oil Painting Medium has a relatively fast drying time, allowing artists to build up layers and work on their artwork more efficiently.
  3. Increased Gloss: The medium imparts increased gloss to the oil paint, adding a lustrous sheen to the finished painting.
  4. Use in Moderation: It is recommended to use this medium in moderation, at a ratio of no more than 25% of medium to oil colors.
  5. Non-Toxic and Solvent-Free: This medium is completely non-toxic and does not contain any gamsol or petroleum distillates, making it safer for artists to use in the studio.
  6. Retains Brush Marks: While increasing flow and transparency, the medium also holds brush marks, preserving the artist’s expressive strokes and textures.
  7. Made from Safflower Oil and Alkyd Resin: The medium is made from a combination of safflower oil and alkyd resin, which contributes to its versatility and handling properties.


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Instructions for Use:

  • Begin by preparing your palette and oil colors as usual.
  • Add a small amount of Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Oil Painting Medium to your oil color, mixing thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency and transparency.
  • Apply the medium-enhanced paint to your canvas, using the brush strokes and techniques of your choice.
  • Allow the paint to dry according to its fast drying time.

Please note that using too much medium in the paint mixture may affect drying times and handling properties. It is advisable to use the medium in moderation and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for best results.

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Oil Painting Medium 37ml is an excellent choice for artists seeking a non-toxic medium that enhances the flow, transparency, and gloss of their oil colors. Its fast drying time and brush mark retention properties make it a practical tool for oil painters, and its solvent-free nature ensures a safer and more environmentally friendly painting experience.