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Golden Clear Tar Gel 236ml

Clear Tar Gel, also manufactured by GOLDEN, is a unique acrylic gel that offers artists a distinct texture and flow properties. Unlike other acrylic gels, Clear Tar Gel has a pully, tar-like feel while maintaining a clear and colorless appearance. Its extremely resinous and stringy consistency sets it apart from other gels in terms of texture and handling.

One of the key features of Clear Tar Gel is its ability to create fine detailed lines by “dripping” it over surfaces. Due to its stringy nature, the gel continuously flows from palette knives or other tools, allowing artists to manipulate it and create intricate lines and textures in their artwork. This makes Clear Tar Gel particularly useful for techniques that require precise control and fine detailing.

Clear Tar Gel is designed to blend well with all GOLDEN Acrylic colors, although it is particularly effective when used with Fluid Colors. Fluid Colors are a specific line of acrylic paints that have a thinner consistency compared to heavy body or high viscosity paints. The compatibility between Clear Tar Gel and Fluid Colors ensures smooth and seamless blending, resulting in a harmonious integration of color and texture in your artwork.


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Overall, Clear Tar Gel offers artists a unique and versatile medium for creating fine detailed lines and textures in their acrylic artwork. Its pully and stringy consistency, along with its compatibility with GOLDEN Acrylic colors, make it a valuable tool for artists seeking to add depth, texture, and intricate details to their paintings.