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Golden Fiber Paste 236ml

Fiber Paste, a product offered by GOLDEN, is a specialized medium that, when dry, creates a textured surface resembling handmade paper. This unique characteristic adds visual interest and depth to artworks. The off-white color of Fiber Paste is absorbent, making it well-suited for use with acrylic washes.

When applied and allowed to dry, Fiber Paste creates a surface that closely resembles the look and texture of handmade paper. This textured appearance adds a tactile quality to the artwork, enhancing its visual appeal. Additionally, if a smoother surface is desired, Fiber Paste can be skimmed with a wet palette knife or a similar tool to create a smoother and more even texture.

The absorbency of Fiber Paste is particularly advantageous when working with acrylic washes. Acrylic washes are diluted acrylic paints that create translucent layers of color. The absorbent nature of Fiber Paste allows the washes to penetrate the surface, resulting in vibrant and rich color effects. The off-white color of the dried Fiber Paste can also influence the transparency and tonality of the washes, providing additional visual nuances to the artwork.


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Overall, Fiber Paste is a versatile medium that creates a textured surface resembling handmade paper when dry. Its off-white color and absorbent nature make it an excellent choice for use with acrylic washes, allowing artists to achieve unique and visually engaging effects in their artworks. The ability to skim the surface with a wet palette knife provides further control over the texture, enabling artists to achieve the desired surface quality for their artistic vision.