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Golden Gesso 236ml

Gesso, including the one offered by GOLDEN, is an essential preparatory product used in painting. It acts as a bridge between the support surface, such as canvas or board, and the layers of paint applied on top. GOLDEN Gesso is specifically designed to penetrate the support and provide a suitable surface for paint adhesion.

Properly preparing the support with GOLDEN Gesso offers several advantages. Firstly, it increases the lifespan of the artwork by creating a barrier between the support and the paint. This helps to protect the support from potential damage caused by direct contact with the paint, such as discoloration or degradation over time.

GOLDEN Gesso is formulated to be flexible, allowing the support to expand and contract without cracking or compromising the integrity of the paint layers. This flexibility ensures that the artwork remains stable, even when subjected to changes in temperature or humidity.


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Additionally, GOLDEN Gesso is highly pigmented, providing greater opacity when applied to the support. This opacity allows for better coverage, especially when working with translucent or transparent paint colors. The highly pigmented nature of the Gesso helps to create a solid foundation for subsequent layers of paint, enhancing the vibrancy and color intensity of the artwork.

By applying GOLDEN Gesso as a preparatory layer, artists can establish a consistent and reliable surface for their paintings. It provides a stable and well-prepared foundation, allowing the subsequent layers of paint to adhere properly and ensure the longevity of the artwork.