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Golden Gloss Medium 236ml

Yes, you are correct. GOLDEN Gloss Medium, which was formerly known as Polymer Medium (Gloss), is a versatile medium that offers artists extensive control over their acrylic colors. It belongs to the range of GOLDEN Mediums & Additives, which provide various ways to manipulate and enhance acrylic paints.

Gloss Medium is particularly useful for creating glazes, which are transparent or semi-transparent layers of color applied over a base layer. By using Gloss Medium as a glazing medium, artists can achieve luminous and translucent effects in their artwork. The medium extends the working time of the paint, allowing for smooth application and blending of glazes. It enhances the gloss and translucency of the colors, adding depth and richness to the artwork.

In addition, Gloss Medium has an oil-like feel and resinous nature, promoting flow and leveling of the paint. This property makes it easier for artists to achieve smooth and even application, reducing visible brushstrokes and creating a more uniform surface. The medium’s flow-enhancing qualities contribute to the overall professional appearance of the artwork.


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Another notable benefit of Gloss Medium is its effectiveness in blocking Support Induced Discoloration (SID). SID refers to the phenomenon where certain pigments in acrylic paints react with the porous surface they are applied to, leading to color shifts or discoloration over time. Gloss Medium acts as a barrier between the paint and the support, minimizing or preventing SID and ensuring the long-term color stability of the artwork.

In summary, GOLDEN Gloss Medium is a versatile medium within the GOLDEN Mediums & Additives range. It allows artists to create glazes, extend colors, enhance gloss and translucency in their acrylic artwork. With its oil-like feel and resinous nature, it promotes flow and leveling of the paint. Additionally, Gloss Medium serves as an effective barrier against Support Induced Discoloration, ensuring the longevity and color integrity of the artwork.