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Golden Heavy Gel Gloss 236ml

GOLDEN Gel Mediums provide artists with a versatile range of options for building texture and manipulating the characteristics of acrylic paints. The gel mediums are available in five consistencies, ranging from Extra Heavy Gel to Soft Gel. Each gel is offered in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Matte finishes, providing artists with a choice of surface sheen.

The gel mediums serve multiple purposes in acrylic painting. They can be used to create glazes, which are transparent or translucent layers of color applied over a base layer. By mixing the gel mediums with acrylic paints, artists can extend the color, allowing for greater control over color consistency and economy of paint usage. Additionally, the gel mediums can be used to change the finishes of the paint, transforming a glossy paint into a matte or semi-gloss finish, depending on the desired effect.

Gel mediums are essentially colorless paint, as they utilize the same 100% acrylic polymers as acrylic paint itself. This means that when mixed with colors, they maintain the same high-quality and durability as acrylic paint. The gel mediums act as a binder and vehicle for the pigment, resulting in consistent and long-lasting results.


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In addition to their role in painting, gel mediums are excellent adhesives for collage and mixed media artwork. They provide strong and flexible adhesion between different materials, allowing for the combination of various elements in an artwork. The gels dry with excellent flexibility and offer resistance to chemicals, water, and UV light, ensuring the stability and longevity of the mixed media pieces.

Heavy Gels, in particular, are thicker in consistency compared to Heavy Body Acrylic Colors. They can be blended with colors to increase the body and viscosity of the paint, allowing for impasto techniques and the creation of textured surfaces. Heavy Gels are excellent for holding peaks, providing support for three-dimensional brushwork and creating dynamic textural effects in paintings.

In summary, GOLDEN Gel Mediums offer artists a wide range of options for building texture, extending paint, and changing finishes in their artwork. They are essentially colorless paint, utilizing the same acrylic polymers as acrylic paints. The gel mediums are also versatile adhesives for collage and mixed media, offering excellent flexibility, chemical resistance, water resistance, and UV resistance. Heavy Gels, with their thicker consistency, are ideal for holding peaks and creating textured surfaces in paintings.