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Golden Matte Medium 236ml

Yes, you are correct. Matte Medium, a liquid medium offered by GOLDEN, provides artists with a versatile tool to control various aspects of their acrylic colors. It is a useful medium that offers several benefits in acrylic painting.

Matte Medium is commonly used for extending color, allowing artists to create larger volumes of paint with the same hue and opacity. This enables more economical use of paint while maintaining color consistency throughout the artwork.

Additionally, Matte Medium decreases the gloss of the paint, resulting in a matte or satin finish. This is particularly useful for artists who prefer a non-reflective surface in their artwork. By adding Matte Medium to their paint, artists can control the level of sheen and achieve the desired matte appearance.


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Apart from its role in controlling color extension and gloss reduction, Matte Medium also increases the film integrity of acrylic paint. It enhances the adhesion and durability of the paint layer, making it more resistant to cracking, peeling, or other forms of damage. This helps to ensure the longevity and stability of the artwork over time.

Another notable use of Matte Medium is as a nearly clear ground on canvas instead of traditional gesso. It can be applied as a preparatory layer, providing a smooth and sealed surface for painting. This eliminates the need for a separate layer of gesso and allows artists to work directly on the canvas with Matte Medium as the ground.

In summary, Matte Medium is a liquid medium that offers artists infinite control over their acrylic colors. It extends color, decreases gloss, and increases the film integrity of the paint. Additionally, it can be used as a nearly clear ground on canvas, eliminating the need for gesso. GOLDEN Mediums & Additives, including Matte Medium, provide artists with a range of options to control transparency, viscosity, surface sheen, and working properties of their acrylic paints.