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Golden Satin Glazing Liquid 236ml

Satin Glazing Liquid, formerly known as Acrylic Glazing Liquid, is a versatile medium offered by GOLDEN. It allows artists to create glazes by mixing it with GOLDEN Acrylic colors, both for fine art applications and interior uses on walls or furniture. The slow drying formula of Satin Glazing Liquid provides sufficient working time for a wide variety of glaze and decorative finishes, typically associated with oil painting techniques.

By using Satin Glazing Liquid, artists can achieve transparent or translucent glazes in their artwork. Glazes are thin layers of color applied over a base layer, allowing the underlying colors to show through while adding depth and complexity to the painting. The slow drying nature of Satin Glazing Liquid allows artists to manipulate and blend the glazes for extended periods, resulting in smooth transitions and subtle color blending.

Satin Glazing Liquid offers several advantages for artists working with acrylic paints. It provides the working characteristics traditionally associated with oil glazes, allowing artists to achieve similar effects using acrylics. The slow drying formula enables artists to work at their own pace, achieving the desired results with control and precision.


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In addition to its use in fine art, Satin Glazing Liquid is also suitable for interior applications on walls or furniture. It provides a means to create glaze effects and decorative finishes that are typically associated with oil-based techniques but can be accomplished with the convenience and safety of acrylics.

Overall, Satin Glazing Liquid is a versatile medium that allows artists to create glazes with acrylic colors. Its slow drying formula provides sufficient working time for a variety of glaze and decorative finishes. It is also suitable for achieving soft transitions and color blending in paintings. With Satin Glazing Liquid, artists can explore a wide range of techniques and create visually captivating effects in their artwork.