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Grumbacher Gloss Final Fixative

Grumbacher Gloss Final Fixative is a type of fixative used in art to protect and preserve various mediums like charcoal, pastels, and pencil work. It is designed to be workable, meaning that it allows you to continue working on your artwork even after applying the fixative. This is particularly useful when you want to add more layers or make further adjustments to your piece.

Here are some key features of Grumbacher Gloss Final Fixative:

  1. Compatibility: It is suitable for use on different surfaces such as paper, photographs, printed materials, and ceramics, making it versatile for various art projects.
  2. Colorless: The fixative dries to a transparent or colorless finish, so it won’t alter the appearance of your artwork or add any unwanted hues.
  3. Flexibility: Grumbacher Final Fixative is designed to remain flexible after drying. This helps prevent the fixative layer from becoming brittle and cracking over time, which ensures the long-term preservation of your artwork.
  4. Non-yellowing: Over time, some fixatives may develop a yellowish tint that can affect the appearance of your artwork. However, Grumbacher Final Fixative is formulated to resist yellowing, keeping your artwork looking fresh and true to its original colors.
  5. Fast-drying: The fixative dries relatively quickly, allowing you to continue working on your artwork without extended waiting times.
  6. Reworkable: Even after the fixative has dried, you can still make changes or additions to your artwork. This is especially useful for layered techniques or when you want to refine certain areas.


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Keep in mind that while fixatives provide protection, they do not make artwork completely immune to damage. It’s still advisable to handle and store your finished pieces with care to ensure their longevity.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any art product, including fixatives. Proper ventilation and application techniques are important for safety and optimal results.