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Grumbacher Picture Varnish Spray Matte

Grumbacher Picture Varnish Spray is available in both Matte and Gloss finishes. Here are the details specific to Grumbacher Picture Varnish Spray Matte:

  • Volume: 400 ml
  • This product is a final varnish designed for use on finished oil paintings.
  • The varnish provides a matte finish, which means it will give the artwork a non-glossy appearance.
  • It serves as a protective layer, guarding the oil painting against dirt and scuffing, helping to preserve the artwork over time.
  • The varnish is processed with pure gum damar, a natural resin often used in traditional varnishes.
  • Before applying the varnish, it is recommended that the oil painting has dried for at least 6 months. This ensures that the paint layers are completely dry and stable before sealing them with the varnish.
  • Testing the spray nozzle before applying to the artwork is a good practice to check for any irregularities or blockages in the nozzle that might affect the application.
  • When applying the varnish, it is essential to do so in slow and even strokes, moving from left to right. This helps ensure a smooth and consistent application of the varnish over the painting.
  • After the first application, allow the varnish to dry before turning the artwork 90 degrees and reapplying the varnish. This step helps achieve an even coverage and avoid any potential drips or uneven spots.
  • If needed, the varnish can be removed using paint thinner or other mild solvents. This allows artists to remove the varnish if they wish to rework or restore the painting in the future.


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It’s important to note that varnishing a painting is a crucial step in its preservation, as it provides protection against environmental factors. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results, and ensure proper ventilation when using any spray product. Additionally, when removing varnish, it’s advisable to do so with caution to avoid damaging the underlying paint layers.