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Jovi Watercolour Paint Set of 24

The Jovi Watercolour Paint Set offers artists a wide range of colors and tonalities to explore and work with. The results obtained from using these watercolors are described as unbeatable, especially when applied to porous surfaces. This indicates that the paint performs exceptionally well on surfaces like watercolor paper, allowing artists to achieve vibrant and long-lasting colors.

One significant advantage of the Jovi watercolors is their fluidity, which makes them easy to work with. They also have the benefit of drying quickly, which can be beneficial for artists who prefer to work in layers or need to complete their artwork efficiently.

A notable feature of these watercolors is that they do not produce bubbles on the paper during application. Bubbles can sometimes interfere with the painting process and affect the smoothness of the colors, so the absence of this issue is a positive aspect.

Hailing from the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the Jovi compressed watercolor tablets are designed to offer brilliant and non-fading pure colors. They are easily thinned with water, allowing artists to achieve various levels of translucency and effects.

The watercolor set comes in a convenient hinged plastic box, which provides a practical and organized way to store the watercolor tablets. Additionally, the set includes a watercolor brush, making it a complete package for artists who may be looking for a portable and travel-friendly painting kit.


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Each watercolor tablet measures 22mm (.866″) in diameter, which is a standard size for watercolor pans.

A notable feature of these watercolors is their origin, as they are produced in Spain. Being premium European paints, they are likely to adhere to high-quality standards and are a testament to the artistry and expertise that comes from the region’s artistic heritage.

It’s important to note that the Jovi Watercolour Paint Set is gluten-free and non-toxic, making it a safe choice for artists of all ages, including children.

Overall, the Jovi Watercolour Paint Set appears to be a reliable and versatile option for artists, offering a broad spectrum of colors and delivering excellent performance on porous surfaces. Its features, such as quick drying, lack of bubbles, and convenience of packaging, contribute to its appeal for both beginners and experienced artists alike.