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Lead Superpolymer 0.3mm B

The Super-Polymer fineline lead described here is a type of mechanical pencil lead designed for precise and consistent writing and drawing. Below are the details about this specific lead product:

Super-Polymer Fineline Lead B, 0.35 mm:

  1. Extremely Break-Resistant and Smooth: The lead is crafted to be extremely break-resistant, ensuring that it doesn’t easily snap or break during use. Additionally, it offers an exceptionally smooth writing and drawing experience, contributing to a seamless flow of lines.
  2. Fine Lead Size: The lead has a fine size of 0.35 mm, making it suitable for creating fine lines and intricate details. This size is compatible with various mechanical pencils that can accommodate leads of this thickness.
  3. Deep Black, Intense Lines: The lead produces deep black lines that are rich and intense in color, creating a visually striking contrast on paper.
  4. Filling Aid for Easy Replacement: The lead set includes a filling aid, which assists in the clean and hassle-free replacement of lead. This feature makes it more convenient to refill your mechanical pencil without encountering issues.
  5. Line Width Color Code: The lead is designed with a line width color code, making it easy to identify the specific lead size and type. This helps users quickly choose the appropriate lead for their mechanical pencils.
  6. Contents: Each container includes 12 lead pieces, ensuring you have an ample supply for your writing and drawing needs.
  7. Degree of Hardness: B: The lead has a degree of hardness indicated as “B.” The “B” signifies that the lead produces relatively darker lines compared to harder leads, and it’s often preferred for artistic and expressive work.
  8. Line Width: 0.35 mm: The lead produces lines with a width of 0.35 mm, making it ideal for tasks that require precision and detail.

In summary, the Super-Polymer fineline lead in B, 0.35 mm, offers exceptional durability, smoothness, and a deep black color for precise writing and drawing. Its compatibility with popular mechanical pencils and the inclusion of a filling aid add to its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a professional artist or someone who values fine and consistent writing, this lead can be a valuable tool in your collection.


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