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Lead Superpolymer 0.5mm 2B

The Super-Polymer fineline lead described here is another type of mechanical pencil lead, designed with specific characteristics for a smooth and controlled writing or drawing experience. Here are the details about this particular lead product:

Super-Polymer Fineline Lead 2B, 0.5 mm:

  1. Extremely Break-Resistant and Smooth: Similar to the previously mentioned lead, this lead is engineered to be highly break-resistant, ensuring that it remains intact during use. Its exceptional smoothness contributes to an effortless writing or drawing process.
  2. Fine Lead Size: This lead has a slightly thicker size of 0.5 mm, which is still fine and well-suited for producing precise lines and details. It’s designed to fit into a variety of mechanical pencils that can accommodate 0.5 mm leads.
  3. Deep Black, Intense Lines: The lead’s composition results in deep black lines that are intense and visually striking on paper, providing clear contrast.
  4. Filling Aid for Easy Replacement: The lead set includes a filling aid, making it convenient to replace the lead in your mechanical pencil with minimal hassle.
  5. Line Width Color Code: Just like the previous lead, this one also features a line width color code for easy identification and selection of the appropriate lead size.
  6. Contents: Each container comes with 12 lead pieces, ensuring that you have an ample supply for your writing and drawing needs.
  7. Degree of Hardness: 2B: The lead’s degree of hardness is indicated as “2B.” The “2B” designation signifies that the lead is relatively soft and dark, suitable for creating expressive and dark lines.
  8. Line Width: 0.5 mm: The lead produces lines with a width of 0.5 mm, making it a versatile option for a range of tasks that require accuracy and detail.

In summary, the Super-Polymer fineline lead in 2B, 0.5 mm, shares many characteristics with the previously mentioned lead. It provides durability, smoothness, and deep black lines for controlled writing and drawing. With its compatibility with popular mechanical pencils and user-friendly features like the filling aid, it offers a reliable option for those who appreciate quality leads for both practical and creative purposes.


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