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Lino Carving and Painting Kit

The Lino Carving and Printing Kit by Dala is a comprehensive set that provides you with all the necessary tools to create beautiful and original lino prints. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this kit will enable you to explore the art of lino carving and printing with ease. Here’s what the kit includes:

1 x Lino Carving Tool: The kit comes with a lino carving tool, which is a specialized tool used to carve and cut designs into linoleum blocks. It allows you to create intricate and detailed designs on the lino surface.

5 x Interchangeable Blades: The lino carving tool includes five interchangeable blades of different shapes and sizes. These blades can be easily switched out to achieve various carving effects and textures.

2 x A5 Breeze Cut Lino Sheets: The kit provides two A5-sized breeze cut lino sheets. Breeze cut lino is a softer and easier-to-carve material, making it ideal for beginners or those who prefer a smoother carving experience.

2 x 125ml Block Printing Ink: The kit includes two 125ml bottles of block printing ink. This ink is specially formulated for lino printing and provides excellent coverage and vibrant colors when used for printing.

1 x Rubber Brayer: A rubber brayer, also known as a roller, is included in the kit. It is used to apply ink evenly onto the carved lino surface before printing, ensuring a smooth and consistent print.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions: The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions on the back of the packaging, guiding you through the process of lino carving and printing step by step.


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Overall, the Dala Lino Carving and Printing Kit offers a convenient and comprehensive set of tools to get you started with lino printing. Whether you want to create art prints, greeting cards, or other printed projects, this kit will enable you to explore the world of lino carving and printing with creativity and enjoyment.