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Lyra Graphite Crayons Water Soluble

Lyra Graphite is renowned for its quality art supplies, and their water-soluble graphite crayons are no exception. These crayons offer artists a versatile tool for sketching and shading, enhancing the creative process and making it more enjoyable.

The water-soluble nature of these crayons means that artists can achieve a wide range of effects and textures. By applying water to the graphite marks, the lines and shading can be transformed into fluid washes, allowing for smooth transitions and gradients. This feature gives artists greater control over their work and enables them to create stunning effects, whether they’re going for a realistic rendering or a more expressive style.

The Lyra water-soluble graphite crayons are available in three different grades: 2B, 6B, and 9B. The different grades offer varying levels of darkness and softness, allowing artists to achieve a desired level of contrast and depth in their sketches. The 2B grade provides a lighter and finer line, while the 6B and 9B grades offer richer, darker tones and are great for achieving deep shadows and bold, dramatic effects.


Artists who are meticulous about shading will particularly appreciate the qualities of these crayons. The ability to easily blend and layer graphite marks makes it easier to achieve smooth transitions between light and shadow, bringing depth and dimension to their sketches. Whether creating delicate details or bold and expressive strokes, artists can confidently rely on Lyra Graphite crayons to deliver exceptional results.

Overall, with Lyra water-soluble graphite crayons, artists can elevate their sketches from mere outlines to captivating masterpieces. The range of grades and the water-soluble properties of these crayons provide artists with greater creative possibilities, making the sketching process more enjoyable and rewarding.