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Lyra Sketching Set 35pcs

The Lyra Sketching Set is a comprehensive assortment of high-quality pencils and accessories designed for sketching and drawing. Here are the key contents of this set:

  1. 1 Titan 2B Pencil: A top-quality pencil with an extra-durable lead and exceptional smoothness on paper. The 2B grade provides a good balance between darkness and hardness, making it ideal for various sketching techniques.
  2. 1 Soft Carbon Pencil: A pencil with soft and dark carbon leads, suitable for achieving deep and intense black lines and shading in sketches.
  3. 1 Black Chalk Pencil: A pencil with black chalk leads, offering a soft and expressive drawing tool for creating bold and textured lines.
  4. 1 Sanguine Pencil (Oil-based): A sanguine pencil with oil-based pigments, typically used for creating warm, reddish-brown tones in sketches.
  5. 1 Light Brown Sepia Pencil (Oil-free): A sepia pencil with oil-free pigments, providing a light brown color for sketching and drawing.
  6. 1 Medium White Chalk Pencil (Oil-free): A white chalk pencil with oil-free pigments, suitable for adding highlights and light tones to sketches.
  7. 1 Square Ochre Pastel (7×7 mm): An ochre pastel stick with a square shape, useful for adding vibrant colors and texture to sketches.
  8. 1 6B Charcoal Stick (7×14 mm): A large charcoal stick with a soft 6B grade, perfect for creating dark and expressive lines and shading.
  9. 1 Sanguine Pencil (Oil-free): Another sanguine pencil, this time with oil-free pigments, offering an alternative drawing tool for warm-toned sketches.
  10. 1 Kneadable Eraser: A kneadable eraser, which is a soft and pliable eraser that can be shaped and molded to erase small or large areas without damaging the paper.
  11. 1 Pencil Sharpener: A sharpener designed specifically for sharpening the pencils in the set, ensuring precise and clean points for drawing.


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