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Lyra Sketching Set Brown Tones 25pcs

The Lyra Brown Tones Assorted Set is designed to provide creatives with a comprehensive collection of artistic tools for exploring various shades within the brown color spectrum. Here’s a breakdown of the features and contents of this set:

  1. Tone-on-Tone Creativity: The set is specifically tailored for artists and creatives who are eager to experiment with different shades and tones within the brown color range. This offers an opportunity to explore a variety of color variations and combinations.
  2. Metal Pack: The set comes in a metal pack that contains twelve soft, square crayons. This packaging ensures that the crayons are well-protected and organized, making it convenient for artists to access and use them.
  3. Range of Shades: The crayons in the set cover a range of shades, extending from ochre to burnt umber. This variety allows artists to work with different intensities and undertones of brown.
  4. Additional Pencils: In addition to the crayons, the set includes several additional pencils: a Dry white pencil, a Dry blood-colored pencil, a light and dark sepia pencil in both Dry and Oil versions, and a charcoal pencil. This diversity provides artists with even more options for creating nuanced artworks.
  5. Sharpener and Kneaded Eraser: The set is thoughtfully completed with a sharpener and a kneaded eraser. These tools are essential for maintaining the quality of your artistic tools and allowing for precision and correction in your work.
  6. Versatile Creativity: With the assortment of crayons, pencils, and additional tools, the set aims to unleash creativity in various forms. Artists can explore different techniques, layering methods, and textures within the brown tones.

In summary, the Lyra Brown Tones Assorted Set is designed for artists and creatives who are interested in working with a range of brown tones and exploring diverse artistic possibilities. The set’s inclusion of crayons, pencils, and essential tools like a sharpener and kneaded eraser offers a comprehensive toolkit for artists to experiment, create, and bring their creative visions to life. The versatile selection of shades and tools makes this set an excellent choice for artists looking to work within the brown color palette.


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