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Maimeri Puro Oil Colourless Medium 40ml

  • This colourless medium is used to deconcentrate the colors during the painting process on the palette.
  • Its primary function is to dilute or extend the oil paints without significantly altering the cleanliness and brightness of the tint.
  • When mixed with the oil paints, this medium helps to emphasize the undertones of the colors without intervening in the overall purity and vibrancy of the tint.
  • By deconcentrating the colors, artists can achieve more subtle and nuanced variations in hues, allowing for smoother transitions and finer control over color mixing.
  • The colourless nature of this medium means it does not introduce any additional pigments or alter the color characteristics of the paint. This makes it particularly useful when artists want to preserve the integrity of their original colors.
  • As this medium is designed specifically for use with Maimeri Puro oil paints, it is likely formulated to complement their unique characteristics and maintain the highest quality standards.

Overall, the Maimeri Puro Colourless Medium offers artists a valuable tool to modify and finesse their oil paint colors on the palette, allowing for more precise color adjustments while retaining the purity and brilliance of the original pigments. As with any art medium, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended usage to achieve the desired results.


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