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Maimeri Puro Oil Colourless Medium Coarse 40ml

  • This colourless medium is specifically used for two main purposes:
    1. Thinning the colors: It is employed to dilute or thin the oil paint colors, making them more transparent and reducing their consistency. This can be helpful for creating glazes and washes, allowing artists to build up layers of colors gradually.
    2. Increasing particle size: The medium is designed to increase the particle size of the pictorial paste, which refers to the body of the paint. By increasing particle size, artists can achieve various textural effects and create impasto techniques in their artwork.
  • Similar to the previous description, it continues to emphasize the undertone of the colors without interfering with the overall cleanliness and brightness of the tint.
  • The colourless nature of the medium means it does not introduce any additional pigments or alter the inherent color qualities of the paint.
  • As this medium is part of the Maimeri Puro line of products, it is likely formulated to work seamlessly with their oil paints, ensuring the best performance and results.

In summary, the Maimeri Puro Oil Colourless Medium Coarse is a versatile tool for artists working with oil paints. It allows for thinning the colors to achieve transparency and layering effects, as well as increasing the particle size to create textured and impasto effects. By preserving the cleanliness and brightness of the tints, artists can achieve subtle undertones and vibrant colors in their paintings. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper usage and to achieve the desired artistic effects.


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