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Maimeri Puro Oil Intro Set 5x 15ml

The Maimeri Puro Oil Intro Set is a collection of high-quality oil paints known for their purity, stability, and lightfastness. Here are some key features and details about this oil paint set:

  1. Formulation: Maimeri Puro paints are formulated with only pigment and oil, ensuring maximum purity and stability over time. The absence of fillers and foreign substances maintains the quality and characteristics of the paints.
  2. Maximum Lightfastness: Each color in the entire color palette is designed to have the highest level of lightfastness, ensuring that the colors will not fade or deteriorate over time when exposed to light.
  3. Optimal Concentration of Pigment: Maimeri Puro paints have an optimal concentration of pigment in each color. Organic pigments make up around 15-20%, inorganic pigments 70-80%, and natural pigments 45-50%. This results in intense and vibrant colors with excellent tinting strength.
  4. Drying Time: The drying time of the paints varies depending on the specific characteristics of each pigment. Some colors may dry more quickly, while others may take longer to dry.
  5. Opaque, Semi-Opaque, and Transparent Colors: The set includes a variety of colors, including exceptionally opaque and intensely toned colors, as well as transparent colors with warm undertones.
  6. Safflower Oil and Poppy Oil: All colors, including dark tints, are formulated with safflower oil and poppy oil, ensuring the maximum degree of purity and quality of semi-drying oils.


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The Maimeri Puro Oil Intro Set includes 5 essential colors: Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Clear Oil. These colors provide a versatile array of blending options and are suitable for a wide range of artistic applications. The set is an excellent choice for artists who seek high-quality oil paints with intense colors, maximum lightfastness, and stability. With Maimeri Puro Oil paints, artists can achieve exceptional chromatic results and create artwork with depth, brilliance, and lasting quality.