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Maries 4B Eraser

The Marie’s 4B “Cheese” eraser is a well-known and widely used soft rubber eraser favored by artists, particularly those working with charcoal, graphite, and other lead-based media. Its popularity is due to its effectiveness in erasing and manipulating these materials without causing significant damage to the paper surface.

Key features of the Marie’s 4B eraser include:

  1. Softness: The eraser’s soft rubber texture allows for gentle and precise erasing, making it ideal for delicate work and detailed corrections.
  2. Low Residue: One of the advantages of this eraser is that it produces minimal residue when used, preventing the paper from getting excessively smudged or dirty.
  3. Blending Capabilities: In addition to erasing, the softness of the eraser enables artists to use it for blending and smudging, which can create smooth gradients and textures in their artwork.
  4. Professional Quality: Marie’s is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality art supplies, and their 4B eraser is no exception. It is considered a professional-grade tool that meets the demands of artists and illustrators.
  5. Versatility: While it excels in working with charcoal and graphite, artists may also find it useful for other lead-based media due to its soft and gentle nature.


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When using the Marie’s 4B eraser, artists can achieve precise control over their erasing and blending, helping them achieve the desired effects in their artwork without compromising the integrity of the paper. As with any art tool, it’s always essential to test the eraser on a separate piece of paper before using it on the final artwork to ensure it meets the artist’s expectations.