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Palette Knife Daler Rowney #2140

Daler-Rowney is a well-known art supplies manufacturer that offers a wide range of painting and palette knives for artists. These knives are designed to assist artists in applying and manipulating paint on various surfaces, creating different textures and effects in their artworks.

The palette knives offered by Daler-Rowney are available in various shapes and sizes, catering to different painting techniques and preferences. The knives can be purchased individually or as part of sets, such as the System3 and Graduate series. The System3 range typically includes higher-quality, professional-grade tools, while the Graduate range is geared towards students and artists on a budget.

One of the distinguishing features of Daler-Rowney palette knives is that they are hand forged using steel, which ensures their strength and durability. The blades are extremely flexible, allowing artists to achieve various strokes and movements with ease. The optimum flexibility of the blades allows for precise control over the application of paint and other mediums, making them a preferred choice among artists seeking accuracy in their work.

The resilience and sensitivity of the blades are essential qualities as they contribute to the artist’s ability to manipulate the paint effectively. These characteristics ensure that the palette knives maintain their constant flexibility, enabling artists to work comfortably and confidently throughout their creative process.


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Overall, Daler-Rowney palette knives are reliable and versatile tools for artists, providing them with the means to experiment with textures, layering, and other techniques to achieve their desired artistic outcomes. Whether used in acrylics, oils, or other painting mediums, these palette knives offer an indispensable toolset for any artist’s studio.