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Pastel Velour Pad 10 sheets 10 colours

I believe there might be a slight confusion in your inquiry. The product details mentioned in your question are for “Hahnemühle Velour Pastel Pad,” but the last sentence appears to be a repetition of the information from the previous response about “Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper.”

To clarify, let’s focus on the details for the “Hahnemühle Velour Pastel Pad”:

  1. Product Name: Hahnemühle Velour Pastel Pad
  2. Paper Weight: The paper weight is 260 grams per square meter (gsm), indicating a heavy-weight paper suitable for pastel and multimedia artworks.
  3. Composition: The pad is manufactured with a high cotton content and pure ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) cellulose, ensuring a durable and high-quality paper.
  4. Acid-Free and pH Neutral: The paper is acid-free and pH neutral, providing archival quality and long-lasting permanence for artworks created on this paper.
  5. Lightfastness: The paper offers highly lightfast colors, meaning the colors used in artworks will resist fading and remain vibrant over time.
  6. Surface: The paper features a velour surface, which is a soft and textured surface that provides a unique and luxurious feel. The velvety surface is ideal for pastel work, allowing for easy blending and layering of colors.
  7. Sizing: The paper is well-sized, allowing it to handle various art materials and techniques effectively.
  8. Versatile Uses: In addition to pastels, the Hahnemühle Velour Pastel Pad is suitable for pencil, graphite, charcoal, tempera, airbrush, and watercolor techniques, making it a versatile choice for artists who enjoy working with different media.
  9. Pad Format: The product comes in a pad format, which is a convenient option for artists, as it allows for easy storage and portability.


Hahnemühle is known for producing high-quality art papers, and the Velour Pastel Pad is likely to provide artists with a top-notch surface for their pastel and multimedia artworks. Its heavy-weight and velour surface offer excellent support for blending and layering, making it a valuable choice for artists seeking a premium pastel paper for their creative expressions.