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Pastelmat Sheets 50x70cm 360g White

Clairefontaine Pastelmat Sheets are high-quality paper sheets specifically designed for pastel artists. Here are the key features and specifications of this product:

  1. Paper Weight: The paper weight is 360 grams per square meter (gsm), indicating a heavy-weight paper suitable for handling multiple layers of dry pastels.
  2. Sheet Size: Each sheet measures 50 x 70 cm, providing a large and generous surface area for pastel artworks.
  3. Pack Size: The pack contains 5 sheets in one color. This allows artists to have multiple sheets of the same color for creating a series of artworks or practicing different techniques.
  4. Acid-Free and pH Neutral: The paper is acid-free and pH neutral, ensuring archival quality and long-lasting permanence for the pastel artworks created on it. The acid-free nature of the paper prevents yellowing and deterioration over time.
  5. Pastel Application: The surface of the Clairefontaine Pastelmat is specially designed for pastel work, allowing artists to apply multiple layers of dry pastels with ease. The paper’s texture and weight support blending and layering, resulting in rich and vibrant pastel effects.
  6. No Fixative Needed: The paper’s unique characteristics eliminate the need for using a fixative to preserve the pastel artwork. This is beneficial as it allows artists to work without interruption and reduces the risk of potential fixative-induced alterations to the artwork’s appearance.


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Clairefontaine is a renowned brand known for producing high-quality art papers, and the Pastelmat Sheets continue this tradition. The heavy-weight and pastel-specific surface make it an excellent choice for pastel artists who seek a reliable and artist-friendly paper for their creative endeavors. With its large size and pack of 5 sheets, artists can enjoy a consistent and convenient surface for their pastel artworks.