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Pastels Lyra Polycrayons Soft Brown Tones 12 pcs

The Lyra Polycrayons Soft Box contains 12 soft pastels in a variety of bold colors. These square-shaped pastels have a high pigment concentration, making them ideal for achieving vibrant and balanced tones in your artwork. They are specifically designed for the smudge technique, allowing you to blend and create smooth transitions between colors.

Key features of the Lyra Polycrayons Soft:

  1. Bold Colors: The set offers a selection of bold and vibrant colors that allow artists to create eye-catching and expressive artworks.
  2. Square-Shaped: The pastels are square-shaped, which provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy application and control.
  3. High Pigment Concentration: With a high concentration of pigments, these pastels produce intense colors and offer excellent coverage on paper or other surfaces.
  4. Smudge Technique: The Lyra Polycrayons Soft are well-suited for the smudge technique, enabling artists to blend colors seamlessly and achieve soft, blended effects.
  5. Resistance to Fading: These pastels are resistant to fading, ensuring that your artwork retains its brilliance and vibrancy over time.

The Lyra Polycrayons Soft Box of 12 pastels is a great option for artists who want to explore a range of bold colors and experiment with the smudge technique. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these soft pastels offer a delightful and versatile medium for your artistic expression.


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