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Pastels Polychromos Box 12 colours

The Polychromos Box of 12 colors is a set of high-quality artists’ pastel crayons designed for professional artists and serious hobbyists. Here are the key features of these pastel crayons:

  1. High Pigment Concentration: The Polychromos pastel crayons contain a high level of pigment, which allows for rich and intense colors in your artwork.
  2. Free from Oils and Wax: Unlike traditional pastels, Polychromos crayons are free from oils and wax. This ensures a stable consistency and prevents wax bloom over time.
  3. Smudging Capabilities: The crayons can be smudged easily, making it possible to create smooth transitions of color and achieve blended effects.
  4. Versatility: Polychromos pastel crayons are harder than soft pastels, making them well-suited for both drawing and creating fine details in your artwork.
  5. Excellent Adherence: These pastel crayons adhere exceptionally well to various surfaces like paper, cardboard, wood, and stone, providing versatility in your creative projects.
  6. Minimal Fixing Required: Only minimal fixing is necessary to preserve the vividness of the colors, ensuring that your pastel drawings retain their brilliance.

The Polychromos Box of 12 colors is a great set for artists who want to experience the quality and versatility of professional-grade pastel crayons. Whether you’re drawing or creating pastel artworks with smooth transitions, these pastels will serve as a reliable and vibrant medium for your artistic endeavors.


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