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Pastels Rembrandt Starter Set 15pcs

The Royal Talens Rembrandt Soft Pastels Starter Set with the product code RT31823108 contains 15 half pastels. Rembrandt pastels are renowned in the art world and have been a favorite choice for pastel painters for many generations. They are highly regarded for their exceptional characteristics, which include:

  1. Excellent Color Release: The pastels offer smooth and consistent color application, making them easy to work with and achieve desired results.
  2. Intense and Pure Colors: Rembrandt pastels provide vibrant and rich colors that are highly pigmented, allowing artists to create bold and expressive artworks.
  3. High Lightfastness: The pastels have good lightfastness, meaning they are resistant to fading when exposed to light over time. This ensures the longevity and preservation of the artwork.
  4. High Pigment Concentration: These pastels contain a high concentration of pigment, resulting in strong and vivid colors with just a small amount of pastel.
  5. Intermixable with Various Materials: Rembrandt pastels can be mixed and blended with other art materials like other pastels, pencils, or charcoal, allowing artists to explore different techniques and styles.
  6. Free of Harmful Pigments: The pastels are free from pigments based on lead, cadmium, and cobalt, making them a safer choice for artists concerned about health and safety.

Overall, the Rembrandt Soft Pastels are a reliable and versatile option for artists who enjoy working with pastels and are seeking high-quality pigments to achieve their artistic vision.


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