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Pastels Soft Chalk Marie Black 12pcs

The Marie’s Soft Chalk Pastels in the color “Black” come in a set of 12 pieces. Marie’s is a well-known and reputable brand in the art world, and their quality is recognized globally. These soft pastels from Marie’s provide artists, regardless of their skill level, with a delightful medium to blend and sketch their artwork.

Soft pastels are a popular choice among artists due to their ease of blending and their ability to create expressive and textured artworks. They are made of pigment mixed with a binder that gives them a soft and velvety texture, making them ideal for creating smooth transitions and adding layers of colors to achieve depth and richness in the artwork.

The set of 12 soft chalk pastels in the color black likely provides a range of shades and tones of black, enabling artists to work with various levels of intensity and opacity. Black pastels can be used not only to depict shadows and dark areas but also for creating dramatic contrasts and adding accents to other colors in the composition.

Overall, Marie’s Soft Chalk Pastels offer artists a reliable and enjoyable medium to work with, allowing them to explore various artistic techniques and create captivating pastel artworks.


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